We Listen, We Analyze, We Improve.

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What makes us Different

We Listen, We Analyze, We Improve.

We believe in the power of listening to feedback being the key to success. We practice that by inputting reviews data and turn it into a detailed sentiment report that hotels’ management can read, get specific insight on what needs their attention in the various hotel departments, and use this knowledge to make better decisions, thereby earning guests’ trust and satisfaction.

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Good Design
Good Design

Make better

Make better & necessary improvements through detailed insights, that will, in turn, help you save time & resources & therefore improve hotel reputation.


Gain more trust

Gain more trust from both current & potential guests through higher rankings, consequently increasing hotel bookings.


Unmatched hotel success

Unmatched hotel success and noticeable revenue growth resulting from guest satisfaction due to operational efficiency.

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How It Works

“We help hotels understand and collect feedback through detail-oriented analysis. When hotels listen to their guests’ opinions, they get insight, make better decisions, and ultimately improve the guest experience.”
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We are a team of feedback and community management experts operating with multinational brands. Our goal is to help hotels succeed through the influence of guests’ feedback & reviews, which plays a vital role in providing guests with a service tailored to their needs, which in turn gains the hotels a positive reputation and an increased revenue as a result.

At Easy Sentiments

Guest reviews and online reputation management work hand in hand in one platform to make understanding your guests’ opinions much easier and hereby help you build a better guest-tailored service.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

What You Get

Quantifiable Data through Sentiment Analysis.

Detailed Insights Divided into Main and Sub Categories.

Detailed Strength & Weakness Points in each Main & Sub Category.

Percentages of Positive & Negative Reviews.

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